A few words about myself

An IT engineer studying M.Sc Web and Data Science in Germany. I do programming, 3D Modelling, and tech-stuff.

My offer

Web Design

Providing Wordpress websites and maintain its content and settings, HTML CSS and JS coding, Theme modifications, Hosting solutions, Web Graphics design and the other related topics

Web & Apps

Offline, Coud-based and android-based software design using RUP and Agile methodology


3D Simulation, Game level designing, UI design, Unity C# coding, VR and AR

3D & Video Editing

Professional video editing, 3D modeling and Photo editing

How I work?

If you need help maintaining your web-based business or video editing...

Please contact me

DM [at] Danoosh [dot] COM

Currently not available for consulting, or doing very small jobs.

Contact me!

Data and Software Engineering

Machine Learning

Using machine learning to prefect data sets

Web Science

Enhance your online business platform with Blockchain technology or review your server structures with ease

Online Real Estate

Level up your real estate business with AR, VR or both. And let me control everything in between for your online presence.

3D modeling

Realize your 3D objects and interior design

Dan's Resume
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